Security Culture - 2024

Enhance staff awareness of Security Culture, Individual Responsibilities, and the Benefits of a Positive Security Culture - Part two of the Insider Threat Training.
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  • Security Culture - 2024

Course aims & objectives

Under the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP), all relevant aviation entities are mandated to incorporate an internal policy and associated measures that promote staff awareness regarding the insider threat and foster a strong security culture. This comprehensive course serves as the second part of a series specifically developed to fulfill this requirement, aiming to further enhance staff awareness about the insider threat, methods for its mitigation, and their individual responsibilities in upholding a robust security culture. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of security culture through modules such as Security Culture Awareness, Individual Responsibilities, and the Benefits of a Positive Security Culture.

The course delves into the concept of security culture and its significance within the aviation industry. Participants will explore the various elements that contribute to a positive security culture, including effective communication, teamwork, and vigilance. They will learn about the potential risks associated with insider threats and the detrimental impact they can have on aviation security. Additionally, the course emphasizes the vital role that each individual plays in maintaining a strong security culture, highlighting the importance of personal responsibility, adherence to protocols, and timely reporting of suspicious activities.

Through interactive learning modules, participants will be equipped with practical knowledge and strategies to recognize and address insider threats effectively. They will learn how to identify suspicious behaviors, respond appropriately to potential security breaches, and actively contribute to maintaining a secure environment. The course emphasizes the significance of reporting concerns promptly and provides guidance on the reporting process.

By completing this course, participants will not only fulfill the requirements set forth in the NASP but also enhance their understanding of the insider threat and their role in promoting a robust security culture. They will gain valuable insights and practical skills that can be applied in their day-to-day operations, ultimately contributing to the overall safety and security of the aviation industry.

This course is part two of the courses designed to meet this requirement by enhancing staff awareness of the insider threat, how they can mitigate it, and their responsibilities in maintaining security culture (including how and when to report).

This course includes Security Culture Awareness, Individual Responsibilities, and the Benefits of a Positive Security Culture