About us

Our mission is to provide expert advice and training to airports, airlines, cargo handling companies, freight forwarders, transport companies, aviation security providers and in-flight caterers in the UK and Worldwide.

Airplane cabin mock-up including passenger seating, galley, overhead bins, and toilet at the HAE Training Facilities.
Galley area of Airplane Cabin mock-up, including carts, boxes, and ovens, at the HAE Training Facilities.
Seating area of Airplane Cabin mock-up, including life jackets, seatbelts, and overhead bins at the HAE Training Facilities.
Toilet area of Airplane Cabin mock-up, including storage areas, basin, and locking facilities at the HAE Training Facilities.

Our Aircraft mock up consists of:

  • A first class seating area
  • Economy seating
  • Galley area (including functional trolleys and boxes)
  • Aircraft toilet
  • Overhead storage (also known as hat bins)
  • Safety equipment (life jackets, seat cards, etc)

Meet the Team

The experts will help you

Matthew Pearce

Matthew Pearce


Matt joined the business from the UK Department for Transport. Prior to working with the DfT he spent thirty years working in the field of commercial aviation managing Ground Handling, Aircraft Catering and Cargo businesses. He is a UK DfT certified Aviation Security Instructor and holds a NEBOSH Diploma in Safety Management. Matt has worked in UK, Middle East, and North Africa.

Peter Miller

Associate AvSec Auditor and Instructor

Peter has extensive industry knowledge built within ground services, cabin crew and airline operations in the UK and Middle East. In the last 15 years, he has held roles in training, compliance, regulations, and projects across the globe, working with air operators, airports, security service providers & governments. Peter holds UK DfT, ASSI AVSEC, and ICAO AVSEC instructor certification.

Dawn Galley

Training Consultant

Dawn has worked in the Aviation industry for 31 years’ supporting most major airports and organisations in the UK as well as many countries overseas on behalf of the UK Government. She is a highly motivated, capable, and experienced DfT Certified AvSec Instructor who has delivered training at all levels including Aviation security training to Airport, Cargo, and the Airline industries.

Sarah Taylor

Team and Training Administrator

Sarah has a background in the aviation industry and joined the business in 2021 to assist with the administration and supporting the team. She is highly customer focused with excellent interpersonal skills.

Lyssa Johnson

Training Development Manager

Lyssa joined HAE Training in September 2021 as our Training Development Manager, focusing on developing Computer Based Training courses for our AvSec programmes. Having worked in several roles where she developed training as well as directly training, coaching, and mentoring individuals and groups, Lyssa has a passion for creating engaging and interactive learning materials.


Our history and credentials

HAE Corporate

The HAE group was founded in 1997 at East Midlands Airport in the UK by a team with a passion for offering competitive GSSA services that help our customers and airline partners grow. From then onwards we have grown to have over 280 industry professionals to support your business with offices in the UK and across the world.
The competitive GSSA services have now been broadened to include Solutions, Handling, and Training.

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